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Durval, Louis M.

Affiliated Items

Horton Collegiate Academy. Class of 1896

Collection: Acadia Photograph Collection. Class Photos
Description: Group of 18 men and two women, sitting and standing in this posed studio image. Individuals are identified on matte, handwritten in ink: "1__ 2 WH Dyas 3 ER Morse 4 Robie Pugsley 5 Edwin Freeze 6 Sheldon Poole 7 WB Fuller 8 EW Sawyer 9 Louis Durval 10 Austin Hurtley 11 Fred Seeley 12 Robie Millard 13 Arthur Richardson 14 IB Oakes 15 Chesley Richardson 16 Lillie Denton 17 Grace Pearl 18 Frank…
Accession Number: APC264
Type: photograph