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Eaton, Enos E.

Affiliated Items

Acadia University. Varsity football team, 1906

Collection: Acadia Photograph Collection. Sports Photos
Description: 18 men, all in uniform, sitting and standing in this posed picture. The man in the suit, who is in the center of the middle row, is holding a stick with an Acadia pennant. One of the men in uniform, who is in the center of the front row, is holding a rugby football inscribed with "06". Third Row: G.G. Higgins (Forward), A.S. Bagnale (Forward), F.E. Mallory (Forward), D.C. McKinnon (…
Accession Number: APC002
Creator: Robson, William W., 1865-1946
Type: photograph

Acadia University. Freshmen Class, 1906-1910

Collection: Acadia Photograph Collection. Class Photos
Description: Printed collage includes portraits of the Acadia University freshman class of 1906-1910. Individuals are identified. Many portraits are arranged inside a large "A". Matte board includes "LABOR OMNIA VINCIT"
Class list in academic calendar used to assist with identification. Married names not used unless student was married at time of portrait.
Accession Number: APC535
Creator: Robson Studio
Creator: Edsom Graham, photographer
Type: photograph