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Letter to Editor in response to "pedestrian" letter

One letter to the editor at The Advertiser in Kentville, Nova Scotia from the Grand Pre Marsh Body and the Bishop-Beckwith Marsh Body in response to an article entitled "A pedestrian's letter" in the September 13 issue. Conrad clarifies that the public has not always had free and unrestricted access to the dyke roads and explains some of the history of the common fields and marshlands. She ends by thanking the people who have signed the waiver to use the marsh roads. The Second letter is another letter to the Editor in response to a photograph of one of the signs on the Grand Pre Marsh that was in the August 23, 1994 edition of the advertiser. Conrad explains that the land is private property and warns of the risks of using the roads. Conrad also addresses the issues that a brochure of walking trails on the privately owned marshland was made publicly available without the knowledge of the marsh body and explains the problems connected to this issue.
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