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The Wolfville Meteorological Station, run by the Canadian Government, began operating as early as 1910. Its original location is unknown, but in 1912 an observatory was built at Acadia University in the field behind Chipman House. The Meteorological Station may have operated from the Acadia Observatory. The Acadia Observatory was a two story building with a circular tower on the north-west side. From 1910/11 to 1935/36, Acadia offered courses in both Astronomy and Meteorology and used the Observatory for both. Meteorological instruments were located on the first floor of the building. It is uncertain how long the Meteorological Station operated, but the Acadia Observatory was torn down in the early 1960s, seemingly to make room for the new men's residence, Eaton House. The records contain daily readings of wind and sunshine as well as daily synopses of the readings.
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Meteorological observations
Meteorological observations
Original record of synoptic observations
Record of sunshine
Wind records