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Dr. J. Sherman Bleakney graduated from Acadia with a B.Sc. (1949) and a M.Sc. (1951); he graduated from McGill with a Ph.D. (1956). In 1957, he returned to the Biology Department at Acadia as a professor of Zoology, taking a position vacated by the retirement of Dr. H.G. Perry. Bleakney worked with Robie Tufts and Harrison Flint Lewis in the Biology Department. In 1987, he received the Alumni Award for Teaching Excellence. He retired in 1988 but continued to work closely with Acadia as a University Fellow from 1988 to 1993. Bleakney is noted for this book on sea slugs, entitled "Sea Slugs of Atlantic Canada and the Gulf of Maine", and for his book on dykes and marshlands, entitled "Sods, Soil, and Spades". The entire fonds represents the great amount of research and writing done by Bleakney both during and after his academic career. Much of the fonds is accumulated research material, historical and recent, that formed the basis for the book "Sods, Soil and Spades: The Acadians at Grand Pré and Their Dykeland Legacy", published by McGill-Queen's University Press, 2004.
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Aboiteau and marsh at Houston Beach
Aboiteau and marsh at Houston Beach
Aboiteau and old sluice
Aboiteau and old sluice
Aboiteau and old sluice
Aboiteau construction
Aboiteau, old sluice and marsh
Avon River and Oak Island
Avonport Lighthouse
Beach plants
Black Landing
Break in the Wolfville Dyke
Breaks in Dyke and flooding in Wolfville
Broken Wickwire Dyke
Chart of dyking sods at West Long Island, Grand Pre
Dead dyke wall at Deportation Creek
Description/sketches of the marsh at Houston Beach
Dock at Black Landing
Dr. J. Sherman Bleakney
Drainage patterns, maps and seros cycles