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Robbins Leonard Elliott (1920-2003) was the son of Dr. Malcolm R. and Jean Steadman (nee Haley) Elliott. He graduated from Acadia University with a B.A. in 1941 and from the University of Toronto with a M.A. in 1947. Elliott joined the military in 1941 and stayed in the Service until the end of the War, serving with the North Nova Scotia Highlanders and the Canadian Intelligence Corps. He was a Field Press Censor, attached to No. 3 Canadian Public Relations Group on the Western Front. Elliott retired with rank of Captain. The digital records consist of personal correspondence and photographs from the Second World War, including his work as a censor. Some of his letters describe the conditions in Europe and two of his letters describe visits to camps outside of Germany.
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1942 Diary
1943 Diary
1944 Diary (First)
1944 Diary (Second)
1945 Diary
Army records
Elliott and others
Group of soldiers
Letter, 1 April 1945
Letter, 12 May 1945
Letter, 12 September 1944
Letter, 14 August 1944
Letter, 15 September 1944
Letter, 16 August 1945
Letter, 16 March 1945
Letter, 16 September 1945
Letter, 18 November 1942
Letter, 18 November 1944
Letter, 19 April 1945
Letter, 19 February 1944