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Upon their arrival in Nova Scotia, the New England Planters established militia regiments in every township with their officers receiving commissions from the government at Halifax. In a 12 December 1760 letter from the President of the Council, Jonathan Belcher, to the English Board of Trade, it was remarked that almost immediately upon their arrival and establishment of the townships of Horton, Cornwallis, and Falmouth, the planters erected palisade forts and formed militias to "oppose any attempts that might be formed against them by Indian tribes which had not then surrendered, and bodies of French inhabitants who were hovering throughout the country." In 1870, shortly after Confederation, militia conscription ceased in favour of volunteerism and all the King's County militia regiments were disbanded except for that of Third King's which was reorganized as the 68th King's County Regiment and absorbed into the national Canadian Militia.
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