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As had been done for many years, the salt marshes and dyked lands continue to be maintained by a group of proprietors. At annual meetings, the proprietors set the yearly rates for covering the dykeland expenses and organized the day-to-day activities of overseeing the land. These records include the Marsh Body's minutes, administrative records, legal documents, and financial records.
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Speech about the history of the dykes and Marsh Bodies
Falmouth Great Dyke Marsh Body resolution concerning boundary changes
Regulations concerning the Bishop-Beckwith Marsh Body
Correspondence concerning controversy over the land-use regulation
Correspondence concerning permission to utilize and access the marshlands
Petition concerning "Dykeland Open Space Park"
Weed spraying work record [1989?]
Weed spraying work record [1984?]
Cost estimate of weed spraying
List of proprietors and land assessments (1978)
Grand Pre Marsh Body by-laws
Grand Pre Marsh Body by-laws
Plans showing marsh land in Grand Pre and Wolfville
Plan of Grand Pre dyke
Plan of proposed dyke on Grand Pre Marsh
Correspondence concerning the renewal of dialogue about the dykelands
Correspondence concerning a proposal for a Sunday meeting
Correspondence concerning appeal by Town of Wolfville
Correspondence concerning court case decision in Marsh Bodies vs. the Town of Wolfville
Correspondence concerning decision to take legal action to protect agricultural land