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Archibald "Arch" Gormley lived and worked on his parents’ farm in Upper Falmouth and likely inherited the family farm, possibly with his brother Mark, in 1915. These photographs of the Gormley farm and its livestock, equipment, and workers were developed for Arch Gormley by H.E. Wilson, Druggist in Windsor and by Reid Studios in Windsor.
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W. R. Patterson's Mill
Cow in the Field
Man Posing with Horse and Buggy
Farm in Winter
Harrowing the Field
Working on the Farm
Working on the Farm
Logging in the Winter
Man and Child Posing
Cows in a Field
Man and Child Posing with Pony
Farmer with Horses
Chopping Logs
Farm During Winter
Winter on the Farm
Cut Logs
Cow by the Fence
Working in the Field