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Don McRitchie was a political cartoonist with the Halifax Herald between 1920 and 1937. Many of his original cartoons were done on cardboard and drawn in ink. Topics ranged from sporting events and local issues to criticism of decisions made by all levels of government. The entire fonds consists of 208 original sketches created between 1920 and 1937, with the majority dated 1920 to 1926. All of the sketches are made available digitally and are in the public domain.
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A Deplorable Condition
A Free Trade Dump
A Hydro-Headed Monster
A King Without a Throne
A Little Service Please
A Slippery Costumer
A Vagabond Crept Slowly In and Posed Upon the Floor
A Welcome Suggestion
A Wonderful Crop
All Balled Up
And He Passes By
And the End is Not Yet
Asleep at His Post
At the Dardanelle Inquiry
At the Eleventh Hour
At the Post
At the Rotary Commercial Game
At the Springhill Crescents Game
Babes in the Wood
Bailing out