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The Cape Split Development Company examined the viability of the development of a hydroelectric power plant at Cape Split. Acadia University President George Cutten and faculty member Ralph Clarkson were very much involved with this Company. These records extend from 1915, just prior to the legal existence of the Cape Split Development Company, to the time of the acquisition of its rights by the Nova Scotia Power Commission in 1957. They include: correspondence and shareholder Lists, reports, legal documents, graphic material and technical drawings, and publications.
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List of shareholders
A Report on a 10,000 Horsepower Tidal Power Station and Hydroelectric Development at Cape Split, Nova Scotia with maps and photo
Bogart and Pohl reports
Charles M. Allen reports
Report of the Managing Director
The Cape Split Power Project
Articles of Association
George B. Cutten and Cape Split Development Company Limited agreement
Cape Split Development Company Limited and International Stream Flow Turbine Company Limited agreement
Patent Assignments – Canada
Cape Split Development Company Limited to William L. Archibald, deed
William L. Archibald to Nova Scotia Power Commission, deed
Promotional pictures
Cape Split proposed pumping station
Cape Split – double cliff
Cape Split – single cliff
Cape Split with measurements
Cape Split boat landing