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The APLA Digital Archives is a collection of materials representing the history of the Atlantic Provinces Library Association. Included in the digital archives are: The APLA Bulletin which is the official publication of the Association, OGM minutes, Executive Council Minutes, Committee Reports and Minutes and various other documents produced by or for the association. The first Maritime Library Association was founded April 17, 1918 at Acadia University. Unfortunately, interest in the new association waned and only irregular efforts were made during the 1920's to revitalize the Association. In 1922, an attempt was made to organize an Association and once again Acadia University was the site of this effort. After the 1928 annual meeting which was held, again, at Acadia University, no more conferences were held, no dues were collected, and the Maritime Library Association lapsed into a state of dormancy once more until 1934. Even though the original Maritime Library Association had not met in six year, and the founders of the new Association had been members of the original, there was some opposition from the President of the old body to the use of the original name and the extant funds. Thus the new group decided to use the name "Maritime Library Institute", and proceeded to hold its first annual conference at Acadia University on May 30, 1935. At this time, the constitution was adopted, and the Association which was to become the Atlantic Provinces Library Association had its official birth. In 1940, the name was changed back to "Maritime library Association" and the and change to "Atlantic Provinces Library Association" (APLA) was made in 1957 when Newfoundland became a member. The complete physical archival collection is located at Acadia University and is accessible to all APLA members by contacting the Acadia Archives. Members of the general public can request access to the archives by contacting the APLA president.
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B2185 Executive Meeting Minutes
B91042  VP PEI Report
A841014  Collections Development Interest Group Report
B101046  VP NF Report
B2184 Executive Meeting Minutes
A5068  66th OGM Minutes
B2183 Executive Meeting Minutes
C1058  Maritime Library Association 66th Annual Conference Theme: Our Libraries Our Communities, program
B2182  Executive Meeting Minutes
B91040  VP PEI Report
B101045 VP NF Report (Annual)
B91004  VP PEI Report
B133063  Bulletin Editors Report
B2181  Executive Meeting Minutes
B91039  VP PEI Report
B101044  VP NF Report
B133053  Membership Report
B133052  Annual Membership Report
B91038  VP PEI Report
A851014  Microcomputer Interest Group Report