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Born in 1849 in Kentville, Nova Scotia, Arthur Wentworth Hamilton Eaton was a direct Planter descendent of John Eaton, an active participant in the building the Wellington Dyke. By 1907, Eaton was a prolific writer with a strong interest in history. Many of his books can be found in the Vaughan Memorial Library, including A History of Kings County (1910), which records the county's earliest Acadian settlement, the expulsion of the Acadians from the county, and the families that were drawn to the land thereafter. A.W.H. Eaton died in 1937 and is buried in Kentville, Nova Scotia. Eaton's archival collection reflects his intense interest in the history of Kings County. The collection includes mostly original land transactions gathered by Eaton, likely to prepare for his book A History of Kings County, and personal papers. Only a small selection of the documents has been digitized.
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Land transaction William Fanning to James N. Crane
Land transaction William Foye to Charles Dickson
Land transaction William Whelch to Charles Dickson
Ledger account
Plan of land
Power of attorney
Supreme Court at Horton
Survey and map