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The Antoft family, consisting of Otto Hugo, his wife Asta Sigrid (née Rump), and their three sons, Otto Hjalmar, Finn, and Kell, emigrated from Denmark to Canada in 1930. They first lived in Winnipeg, MB where Hugo worked for the Colonization Department of the Canadian Pacific Railway, but by 1933 they had moved to Lakeville, Kings County, NS where the family established a poultry farm and pork curing business. When Hugo died in 1954, Asta wound up the business and in order to support herself, started a nursery that eventually became widely-known and well-respected as Mrs. Antoft's Gardens. Records for Hugo, Asta, Otto, Finn, and Kell, as well as one for the records of the Andresen family and another for the Viking Air Service are included in the collection, although many have not been digitized. Many records in the collection are written in Danish.
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Collapsed bridge
Driveway, trees and garden
Fields, fences and tall plants
Flowerbeds and dry flowerbeds
Flowering crab apple
Garden, fence and field
Greenhouse and garden
Hand drawn geological survey of Purcell's Cove
House and greenhouse
Lawn, flowerbed, raking flowering bushes, garden & shed
Obituary & short biography on Asta Sigrid Antoft of Lakeville, Nova Scotia
Pink rose
Poem entitled "Bes lives" written for Asta Antoft
Road and flowerbed
Tree line, trees, flowerbed, yard, garden & house