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The Collection consists of images that are Annapolis Valley-related and brings together images from various and mostly unidentified sources. Given the overall encompassing title of "Annapolis Valley Image Collection", these images are related by their subject matter rather than by a photographer or by the donor or the photograph. The images may include photographs, photo negatives, copy prints, postcards, and images in other formats.
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Grand Pre N.S.
Gaspereau Valley, N.S.
Gaspereau Valley, N.S.
Gaspereaux Valley, N.S.
Gaspereaux Valley
Gaspereaux Avenue, Wolfville, N.S.
Evangeline Willows and Well near Wolfville, Nova Scotia
Evangeline's Well and French Willows in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
Evangeline's Well, Grand Pre, N.S.
Evangeline statue
Covenanters Church, 1808, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia
Cornwallis Valley N.S.
Cape Blomidon, N.S.
Cape Blomidon, N.S.
Cape Blomidon, N.S.
Cape Blomidon
Cape Sharp & Cape Split from Partridge Island
Cape Blomidon from Partridge Island N.S.
Business Section, Main Street, Wolfville
Basil's Blacksmith Shop, Grand Pre., N.S.