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Orchardist's Notebook

This book contains notes from 1924 to 1926 in which an unidentified orchardist (or possibly gardener) describes trips to farms and farming communities in Nova Scotia. There are numerous mentions of an orchard, but no location of that orchard is given.
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Orchardist's notebook

Dates: 1924 to 1926
Collection: Orchardist's Notebook
Description: Notebook of an orchardist who visited various orchards around Nova Scotia and documented the condition and productivity of the orchards. Includes notes on soil condition, blossoms, work done to maintain the orchard and varieties of fruit and vegetables grown. 43 pages. It is possible that the writer worked for an earlier version of the Nova Scotia Agricultural Extension Service or did research… more
Accession Number: 1900.084-ORC/001
Type: textual record