Acadia University History

We are Acadia University's Archives and Special Collections.

We preserve the heritage of our campus. Since 1849, an historical collection has been kept here. Some records have been lost to fires; more have been saved from time. The University's administration built an archives and special collections library that reflects our long history.

We preserve the legacy of our community. Students, alumni, staff, and faculty greatly contribute to our campus through their scholarly and creative works. The Archives and Special Collections keeps selections of these works to represent our diverse ideas.

Found in the Archives

  • photographs
  • scrapbooks
  • student societies' documents
  • departmental papers
  • faculty papers
  • Board of Governors' minutes
  • campus plans
  • literary works
  • convocation programs

Found in Special Collections

  • Presidents' Reports
  • the Acadia Bulletin
  • official histories
  • books
  • the Acadia Athenaeum
  • Treasurers' Reports
  • the Acadia Record
  • yearbooks