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Ellen Smillie

Ellen Smillie is from Williston, Vermont and will be graduating this May with a double major in Psychology and History. Ellen will be taking a year off to travel and working abroad in England. After her year abroad, Ellen plans to obtain her education degree. Ellen's role in the project was to focus on Social Life and create the display case and scrapbook.

Heather Bonnell

Heather Bonnell is from Halifax, Nova Scotia and is graduating this May with a B.A. in History. Next year, Heather hopes to take a year off to travel and work abroad. While working on the project, Heather focussed her attention on the effects of World War One had on women at the university. Heather was also involved in the display case and creating the scrapbook.

Andrew Balfour

Andrew is a native of Oakville, Ontario and is completing his B.A. in History this May at Acadia. Upon completion, Andrew will then pursue an education degree in Ontario this fall. Andrew was assigned the task of creating the website for the project and presenting his section, Residences. Andrew is continuing to pursue Canadian History through coursework and is looking forward to teaching History and English in secondary school.

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