Requests for commercial publication and/or use will be subject to charges with the addition of applicable Copyright search fees, reproduction fees, and postage/handling fees.



no charge


Commercial publication/use:

standard print/electronic publication (books, periodicals, web sites, CD-ROM)

$25.00 per item + copyright search

book covers, dust jackets, posters

$25.00 per item + copyright search

media advertising

$75.00 per item + copyright search

display purposes (for businesses)

$75.00 per item

photos, scanned images

$25.00 per item + copyright search

Determining copyright of items and obtaining the permissions required for all types of publication and use is the responsibility of the user. The Archives staff can help you with some of these searches.

Copyright Search

  • Requests for Copyright search require a non-refundable deposit.
  • Requests for Copyright search will be done in the order receiving the deposit
  • Search and response will be done within 3 weeks of receiving the deposit.
  • Rush requests – 5 days or less as requested by client – will be accommodated subject to operation requirements.


Copyright Search Fees

  • Requires a $15.00 deposit
  • Copyright search $25.00 per hour + reproduction fees
  • Rush copyright search $35.00 per hour + reproduction fees