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History of the Archives

Horton Academy (founded in 1828) and Acadia College (founded in 1838) were established by Baptists in the Maritime region to educate their children. The first archives were established at Acadia in June 1845 when the Nova Scotia Baptist Association took steps to acquire and preserve their historical records. This was the start of the Baptist Historical College, now called the Atlantic Baptist Archives. The Acadia University Archives holdings remained small until the 1970s when faculty research and resulting publications increased awareness of the collections. This, in turn, led to donations of records from Baptist churches and of historical records from the Annapolis Valley. In 1988, the Archives was named after Esther Clark Wright. Since 1995, the Archives has shared the Kirkconnell Room in the Vaughan Memorial Library with Special Collections. The Kirkconnell Room was built to house the library and papers of Dr. Watson Kirkconnell who donated his library and archives to Acadia University.

Esther Clark Wright


Watson Kirkconnell

Who was Esther Clark Wright?


Who was Watson Kirkconnell?